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Mike Fine and Nathan Barksdale

Mike Fine and Nathan Barksdale are the co-founders of Atticus, the first intelligent skincare routine that encourages men to use everyday moments to get centered—because they believe self-care shouldn’t be a gendered concept. After meeting during stints as execs at Uber, Fine and Barksdale quickly realized they were fed up with the bare-bones mens skincare products on the market: They could never find clinically proven formulations that didn’t paint its end-user as overtly masculine, aggressive, or aloof in its marketing. Instead, the co-founders bonded over their admiration for the science of skincare, and eventually tapped into their experience to change the conversation surrounding skin care for men.

Prior to Atticus, Fine was instrumental in launching Uber across the North East, as well as the EATS business in Central and South America. He also led business development through the conception and execution of Uber deals with Fortune 500 businesses. Barksdale was previously a lawyer at Uber in San Francisco and London, as well as an entertainment lawyer practicing in Los Angeles for shows like Top Chef and Project Runway.

In their spare time, the two enjoy a good cryotherapy facial, traveling, and spending time with their families.

Our Experts

With a disdain for the marketplace, we set out to develop a skincare brand focused on consumers first. In conjunction with our Chief Dermatology Advisory, Dr. Hal Weitzbuch and a world-renowned independent cosmetic laboratory, we engineered a new skincare ecosystem.

Our three-step, custom-standard routines offer everyday moments to get centered and our powerful formulations give you the edge to take on anything that comes your way — face-first.


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