Our Beliefs

1. Skincare is for everybody.

Your skin is your largest organ and first line of defense. Good skin isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s about health. For too long, the skincare industry has neglected the many. It’s time for a change.

2. Your “best” is a moving target.

Every day presents new obstacles and opportunities. Others try to sell their rigid idea of perfection. We value the pursuit of excellence, which is fluid and individualistic.

3. Science works because nature works.

We reject the idea of science and nature as oppositional forces. When it comes to skin health, you need both—clean ingredients enhanced by safe, lab-formulated molecules. We believe in harnessing the combined power of science and nature.

Our Ingredients

Our Promise

Our mission is simple—skin health with integrity. Atticus products are made with clean ingredients that actually work. You accept nothing but the best, and we don’t either. Game recognizes game.

Our Ingredients

The Team

Our Founders

For co-founders Mike and Nathan, Atticus is more than a passion. It’s the culmination of years of research and development with leading dermatologists, R&D technicians, and skincare experts. We’re proud to share Atticus with you.

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